Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Ten Games through 1/18/08

I just published the latest HFB ratings, it's all viewable here. The sample size (4-5 games) is really small, so this won't tell us a lot. Here's last year's ratings and explanations.

Size: 122 players total, 107 with significant possessions.

Hppg median: 7.5
Hppg mean: 9.9
Hpps median: .2828
Hpps mean: .2758

Top Ten per-game effective production performers.
1. Jamar Butler, OSU, 32.8
2. DJ White, Ind., 29.8
3. Jamarcus Ellis, Ind., 24.8
4. Jamelle Cornley, PSU, 24.1
5. Kevin Coble, NU, 23.7
6. Dan Coleman, Minn., 21.8
7. Michael "Juice" Thompson, NU, 21.5
8. Joe Krabbenhoft, Wisc., 20.0
9. Drew Nietzel, MSU, 20.0
10. Al Nolen, Minn., 19.8

*{Geary Claxton had a 26.7 hppg rating through 3 games before his season-ending injury}

Top Ten per-game effective production performers.
1. Kurt Looby, Iowa, .6089
2. Jamar Butler, OSU, .5576
3. DJ White, Ind., .5229
4. Brandon Hassell, PSU, .5173
5. Greg Stiemsma, Wisc., .5133
6. Marcus Green, Pur. .4865
7. Al Nolen, Minn., .4667
8. Brian Butch, Wisc., .4619
9. Jamarcus Ellis, Ind., .4512
10. Dan Coleman, Minn., .4492

Top Ten Freshmen
1. Michael "Juice" Thompson 21.5/.3359
2. Al Nolen, Minn., 19.8/.4667
3. Manny Harris, Mich., 18.8/.3382
4. Robbie Hummel, Pur., 18.3/.3789
5. E'Twuan Moore, Pur., 18.2/.3499
6. Demetri McCamey, Ill., 18.1/.3929
7. Kosta Koufas, OSU, 16.3/.3045
8. Kalin Lucas, MSU, 12.1/.2934
9. Talor Battle, PSU, 12.1/.2418
10. Eric Gordon, Ind., 11.8/.2093

11 guys who should get more PT
1. Illinois
Calvin Brock's already a starter, but Mike Tisdale looks best off the bench.

2. Indiana
DeAndre Thomas' .4015 hpps rating should keep Hoosiers fans from despairing in the event of DJ White getting into foul trouble.

3. Iowa
Kurt Looby leads the league with his .6089 hpps mark. But the Hawkeyes need guards.

4. Michigan
Um, anyone should be getting more PT than Ron Coleman, whose .0823 hpps rating is only higher than Hawkeye Jake Kelly's 0.0157 among starters. Maybe CJ Lee?

5. Michigan State
Durrell Summers has great production for the limited time he's on the floor. You don't want to take minutes away from Morgan or Nietzel, but find this kid a spot.

6. Minnesota
I would say Kevin Payton should play more, but I know Tubby's got him on the bench due to his turnovers. Overall, I would put the ball into McKenzie's hands less, tho.

7. Northwestern
Uh, this is pretty sad, but Kevin Coble is the obvious choice. But seriously, I say Mike Capocci (.4274) should probably take Jeff Ryan's spot. Also, Jeremy Nash and Ivan Peljusic could probably help out a little more, too.

8. Ohio State
Players were raving about Eric Wallace's talent and ability in the pre-season, so I'm sort of wondering why he doesn't get more time on the floor? He's done pretty decent in garbage time.

9. Penn State
Brandon Hassell is a guy who puts up decent numbers, but like Marco Killingsworth, the stats just don't reflect his lousy interior defense. Maybe DeChellis should give Schyler King a longer look, who played pretty well in one short stint.

10. Purdue
Marcus Green is technically a starter, but he's also far and away the most effective player (.4865 hpps) the Boilers have right now. Let the kid play!

11. Wisconsin
Greg Stiemsma was one of the Big Ten's best bench performers in the hpps category last season, and continues to be this season.