Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ratings for Conference Halfway point

Conference games only, through Feb. 7th

The full report is here. Last year's ratings and explanations are here. The Indiana & Illinois double-OT has been taken into account in calculations of both hppg and hpps.

121 players total, 104 are currently active and see significant possessions per game.

Hppg median: 8.2
Hppg mean: 9.3
Hpps median: .2906
Hpps mean: .2747

Top Ten per-game effective production performers*.
1. Jamar Butler, OSU, 29.7
2. DJ White, Ind., 28.4
3. Jamarcus Ellis, Ind., 24.7
4. Robbie Hummel, Pur., 21.8
5. E'Twuan Moore, Pur., 20.9
6. Goran Suton, MSU, 20.5
7. Drew Nietzel, MSU, 20.4
8. Joe Krabbenhoft, Wisc., 20.3
9. Jamelle Cornley, PSU, 19.5
10. Michael "Juice" Thompson, NU, 19.2
10. Kevin Coble, NU, 19.2
10. Eric Gordon, Ind., 19.2

*{Geary Claxton had a 26.7 hppg rating through 3 games before his season-ending injury}

Top Ten per-game effective production performers.

1. Robbie Hummel, Pur., .5346
2. Eric Wallace, OSU, .5239
3. Jamar Butler, OSU, .5048
4. Greg Stiemsma, Wisc., .4859
5. DJ White, Ind., .4845
6. Marcus Green, Pur., .4701
7. E'Twuan Moore, Pur., .4621
8. Jamarcus Ellis, Ind., .4545
9. Brian Butch, Wis., .4501
10. Goran Suton, MSU, .4399

Top Ten Freshmen
1. Robbie Hummel, Pur., 21.8/.5346
2. E'Twuan Moore, Pur., 20.9/.4621
3. Eric Gordon, Ind., 19.2/.3333
4. Michael "Juice" Thompson 19.2/.3131
5. Kosta Koufas, OSU, 15.9/.3773
6. Demetri McCamey, Ill., 15.7/.3298
7. Al Nolen, Minn., 12.1/.3579
8. Manny Harris, Mich., 16.9/.3057
9. Kalin Lucas, MSU, 12.2/.3008
10. Evan Turner, OSU, 12/.2646
10. Talor Battle, PSU, 13.5/.2425

11 guys who should get more PT
1. Illinois
Jeffrey Jordan (.3644) should probably get a longer look. Who would've thought I'd be advocating for a Jordan to get more PT in the state of Illinois?

2. Indiana
Brandon McGee (.4946) hasn't played any meaningful minutes, but his skills have been on display in the garbage time he gets.

3. Iowa
Jeff Peterson has demonstrated some increased ability in the backcourt, and his hpps ratings isn't great (.2227), but it's far better than starter Jake Kelly's (.0417).

4. Michigan
The best marks are from their centers, but I'd like to see CJ Lee (.2789) get more time than Kelvin Grady (.1921) or David Merritt (.2202).

5. Michigan State
After the loss to smaller, faster PU, maybe Izzo will look at going small & putting Durrell Summers (.3092) on the floor & giving Kalin Lucas (.3008) more freedom.

6. Minnesota
The numbers say Jamal Abu-Shamala (.3946) should get more time. I'm unsure if his numbers will continue to look good after playing some teams not named Northwestern.

7. Northwestern
Jeremy Nash leads the team in per-possession effectiveness (.3927) and is starting to get some minutes. Northwestern needs this kid on the floor even more.

8. Ohio State
I'll repeat this from the last report: "Players were raving about Eric Wallace's (.5239) talent and ability in the pre-season, so I'm sort of wondering why he doesn't get more time on the floor? He's done pretty decent in garbage time."

9. Penn State
Hmm, nothing really jumps out here, except a lot of low numbers. DeChellis should probably play the freshmen as much as possible and try to build for next season. Schyler King still looks better than most options.

10. Purdue
Marcus Green is no longer the most effective player for the team (.4701 hpps), but you've already seen his name as the 6th-best in the conference. But what am *I* going to be telling Matt Painter?

11. Wisconsin
Repeat from the last report: "Greg Stiemsma (.4859) was one of the Big Ten's best bench performers in the hpps category last season, and continues to be this season."