Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Ten '09-'10 Non-Conference Efficiency Report

Quick update on how the Big Ten players are faring in terms of per-game and per-possession efficiency. The what and why can be found here. Frankly, it's a good year overall for the conference.
All the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt -or rather, a shaker- there's no strength of schedule consideration here. The in-conference efficiency numbers are always much more reliable. However, there's some interesting stuff here. The overall pre-conference mean and median per-possession averages are the highest they've been in the three years I've been tracking them, and Evan Turner & Manny Harris are turning in off-the-charts amazing performances. Mike Conley .5859 (per-possession)/48.1 (possessions per game)/28.1 (effective production per game) was the previous record-holder for pre-conference performance, and Harris & Turner have him beat by a mile. And the insane thing is that Turner is at another level entirely above Harris, at least before he got hurt. Wow.

The full report is here, but here's the top tens.

Top Ten Per-Possession Performers
1. Evan Turner, OSU, .7219/54.6/39.4
2. Manny Harris, Mich., .6414/57.3/36.5
3. Draymond Green, MSU, .5727/43.1/24.7
4. Jon Leuer, Wis., .5576/43.8/24.4
5. Damian Johnson, Minn., .5314/46.1/24.5

6. Zack Gibson, Mich., .5236/19.7/10.3
7. Johnson, JaJuan, Pur., .5087/44.1/22.4
8. Delvon Roe, MSU, .5059/39.2/19.9
9. Mike Tisdale, UIUC, .5038/40.9/20.6
10. Devron Bostick, Minn., .4985/12.7/6.3

Top 10 Per-Game
1. Evan Turner
2. Manny Harris
3. Draymond Green
4. Damian Johnson
5. Jon Leuer

6. Robbie Hummel, Pur., .4843/48.6/23.5
7. Maurice Creek, Ind., .4702/48.4/22.7
8. Jeremy Nash, NU, .4038/56.2/22.7
9. JaJuan Johnson
10. Kalin Lucas, MSU, ..4296/52.1/22.4

Top 10 freshmen
1. Tyler Griffey, UIUC, .4925/15.2/7.5
2. Derrick Nix, MSU, .4726/15/7.1
3. Maurice Creek, Ind., .4702/48.4/22.7
4. Drew Crawford, NU, .4614/36.7/16.9
5. Alex Marcotullio, NU, .4561/25.4/11.6

6. Rodney Williams, Minn., .4493/25.1/11.3
7. Derek Elston, Ind., .3937/31.6/12.4
8. Brennan Cougill, Iowa, .3628/32.4/11.8
9. Christian Watford, Ind., .3474/43/14.9
10. Kelsey Barlow, Pur., .3447/28/9.6

Median HPPS
Median HPPG


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